nexaris MR
Improving the management of neurosurgery patients.

nexaris MR

nexaris MR allows for MRI in the Neuro-OR setting with a smooth patient transfer to and from the MRI system. Intraoperative MR imaging provides valuable information that might change your surgical strategy.

Top-of-the-line MRI systems and OR tables

nexaris MR can be configured to your needs: You can integrate MAGNETOM Aera or MAGNETOM Skyra the OR table of choice: The dedicated solution is compatible with both MAQUET and TRUMPF surgical tables.

The enabler: Combi Dockable Table

The dedicated Combi Dockable Table transfers your patient to and from the MRI system – with one single transfer, robust, smooth, and flexible. Designed with your neurosurgical workflow in mind, the table offers free space below the shell to attach your head clamp, allowing better ergonomics for you and the patient.

Clinical images

Discover superior MRI visualization of brain morphology and function and benefit from intraoperative MRI applications.

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