nexaris Angio-MR
Combining MRI intelligence and therapeutic expertise.

nexaris Angio-MR

This suite brings MRI to your interventional planning and control in cardiovascular procedures. Transferring the patient from the angio suite to the MRI system supports you in interventions such as arterial fibrillation with MR imaging excellence.

Excellence in imaging

MRI-guided cardiovascular interventions with MAGNETOM Aera and MAGNETOM Skyra. Siemens´ top-of-the line MRI systems for optimizing your cardiovascular interventions. For example, better access and more satisfied patients due to 70 cm Open Bore, short system length, and light-weight coils.

Efficiency in workflow

Single patient transfer and flexible patient positioning with the Combi Dockable Table Artis.

  • Self-aligning floor dock support
  • Docking and undocking of table from MR possible with all coils plugged in
  • Single patient transfers each way with no patient repositioning
  • Up to two anterior 18 element body matrix coils
  • Two posterior 18 element body matrix coils
  • Robust and easy two clean - up to 2 liters liquid resistant 

Flexibility in cardiac interventions

  • Centered on Therapy with flexible options and the choice of compatible Artis imaging systems.
  • The Artis family is specially designed to meet the increasing demands of interventional imaging - today and in the future.
  • All Artis systems1 are compatible with the MAGNETOM Artis Combi Suite.
  • With a two room solution, both modalities (MR/AX) can be used together for an interventional procedure or independently of each other for routine everyday applications.

Effectiveness in intervention

Easy siting and integration of MRI systems with different room solutions.

With their small footprints, MAGNETOM Aera and MAGNETOM Skyra are easy to site and quickly integrated in your intraoperative setting.

Being a complete, yet flexible solution, the MAGNETOM Combi Suites provide great versatility to fit your needs and ensures optimal use of your facilities.

  • Two-room siting scenario: Combine one cath lab with one MR room open for routine diagnostics.
  • Three-room siting scenario: Possibility to have one operating room and one cath lab combined with one MR room open for routine diagnostics.

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1The product mentioned herein is not commercially available for all Artis medical devices. Only dedicated combinations are released. Please contact your local Siemens organization for further details.