Quiet Suite
Imaging is to be seen, not heard.

Quiet Suite

Complete, quiet exams for neurology and orthopedics
With Quiet Suite1 you can conduct complete, quiet exams for neurology and orthopedics. The perceived noise reduction of more than 70% starts at the very first step of the examination.2 The noise reduction is kept throughout the whole examination process. It reduces the need for sedation for certain groups of patients such as children and elderly people, leading to higher patient satisfaction. And at no expense of image quality.

Inaudible imaging with PETRA

Quiet Suite includes PETRA, a sequence for 3D T1 imaging. For neurological imaging, PETRA can barely be heard over ambient background noise. With a Tx/Rx coil, PETRA is inaudible over background noise.

Compare conventional examinations with Quiet Suite:


"The realization of quiet MRI is truly exciting. It will improve clinical care for many pediatric, dementia and psychiatric patients, while providing a more comfortable experience for all patients. For the many patients scanned at our hospital, T1-weighted PETRA provided the same diagnostic information as MPRAGE. PETRA even provided diagnostic advantages in some cases; for example, paranasal sinuses could be imaged without susceptibility related Distortion."3

Dr. Masahiro Ida,
Tokyo Metropolitan Ebara Hospital, Tokyo, Japan

Complete, quiet neurological examinations

Complete, clinical examinations with QuietX TSE, SE and GRE for T1, T2 and DarkFluid contrasts and QuietX SWI.

Compare conventional examinations with Quiet Suite:



T2 DarkFluid



Complete, quiet orthopedic examinations

Complete, clinical examinations with QuietX TSE, SE and GRE for T1, T2 and DarkFluid contrasts.

Compare conventional examinations with Quiet Suite:

Knee T1 TSE

Knee T2 TSE

Shoulder T1 DarkFluid

Shoulder T2 TSE

“The PETRA sequence generates close to no acoustic noise and the QuietX SWI 20 dB less noise than conventional SWI. The quiet sequences are gentle for children and have been very useful in imaging pediatric patients. They provide a more comfortable scanning environment without compromising image quality.”3

Dr. Noriko Aida,
Kanagawa Children’s Med Center, Kanagawa, Japan

1May not be commercially available in countries outside the U.S., future availability cannot be guaranteed.

2Data on file. The sound example is for demonstration purposes only. The ratio between conventional and Quiet Suite MRI sound is accurately represented: however, actual sounds may differ in volume and quality. Reduction in sound pressure, measurements made on MAGNETOM Skyra, not considering ear plugs.

3The statements by Siemens Healthineers' customers described herein are based on results that were achieved in the customer's unique setting. Since there is no "typical" hospital and many variables exist (e.g., hospital size, case mix, level of IT adoption) there can be no guarantee that other customers will achieve the same results.