Sysmex CS-2000i/CS-2100i Systems
Boost the quality and efficiency of your lab with PSI checks

Sysmex CS-2000i/CS-2100i Systems

Photo-optical clot detection provides multiple advantages over mechanical detection systems

  • Measurement of light transmittance can be made over the entire course of clot formation, not just the end
  • Atypical reaction patterns can be identified easily to aid in determining the correct coagulation reaction result for patients with unusual in vitro clot reactions, such as sepsis and DIC
  • Sophisticated software algorithms record, monitor, and check reaction kinetics to determine the correct clotting time
  • Clotting reactions display the complete clot signature, not just a single data point, for complete test information


Wide optical spectrum handles a broad range of assays to allow high test throughput

  • Performs coagulation assays using 4 different measurement principles on a single platform
  • All reaction detectors can be used for clotting, chromogenic, immunoturbidimetric, and agglutination assays
  • Reduces effects of interfering substances on the absorbance spectra by automatically selecting the appropriate wavelength


Intuitive user software and automated maintenance procedures provide for simple operation and increased confidence among staff

  • Fully-automatic user maintenance logging with inspection ready checklist
  • Software supported error management and troubleshooting guide provides condition and actions for resolution
  • Automatic verification with bi-directional LIS connectivity allows results to be uploaded to physicians as soon as they are available


Cap-piercing technology supports clinical and workflow excellence by helping to prevent sample contamination and deliver accurate results*

  • Restricts physical interaction with biohazardous materials and reduces risk of contact with airborne infections
  • Intelligent technology allows for both open and closed samples to be placed on the same rack

Continuous loading of patient samples, reagents, and consumables provides uninterrupted workflow

  • Enhanced reagent management functions
  • Load up to 40 reagents in the reagent table


Two dimensional bar-code input and advanced software enable efficient reagent management:

  • Positive reagent identification
  • Automatic input of PT ISI and reagent lot numbers
  • Automatic input of calibrator and control values


Extended onboard reagent stability reduces costs for the lab

  • Reagent vial-sampling angle reduces reagent dead volume waste to maximize the number of tests per vial
  • Refrigerated reagent table provides longer onboard stability. Reagent vials can frequently remain on the system until depletion. No need to remove!
  • Real-time onboard stability and reagent volume tracking 

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Bai B et al. Blood Coagul Fibrinolysis. 2008; 19:569-576.
*Feature only available on the CS-2100i System.