BFT II Analyzer
High-performance analyzer for the low-volume lab

BFT II Analyzer

PT Reagents
Dade® Innovin® INR
Dade Innovin sec
Dade Innovin %
Thromborel® S INR
Thromborel S sec
Thromborel S %

APTT Reagents
Dade Actin®
Dade Actin FS
Dade Actin FSL
Pathromtin® SL

Fibrinogen Reagents
Multifibren® U

Thrombin Time Reagents
Batroxobin Reagent*
Test Thrombin Reagent*

Factor Deficient Reagents
Factor II-Dade Innovin*
Factor II-Thromborel S*
Factor V-Dade Innovin*
Factor V-Thromborel S*
Factor VII-Dade Innovin*
Factor VII-Thromborel S*
Factor VIII-Dade Actin*
Factor VIII-Pathromtin SL*
Factor IX-Dade Actin*
Factor IX-Pathromtin SL*
Factor X-Dade Innovin*
Factor X-Thromborel S*
Factor XI-Dade Actin*
Factor XI-Pathromtin SL*
Factor XII-Dade Actin*
Factor XII-Pathromtin SL*

Lupus Anticoagulant Reagents
LA 1 Screening Reagent*
LA 2 Confirmation Reagent*

Thrombosis Risk Reagents
ProC® Global*
ProC Global FV*
Protein C*

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