The Stellar detector

The Stellar detector

Excellent coronary stent imaging
The Stellar detector efficiently reduces cross-talk between neighboring detector channels and reduces image noise during acquisition. This significantly reduces slice blurring, resulting in a more precise visualization of calcified lesions and in-stent restenosis evaluation in smaller stents.

Lower dose for pediatric imaging

Combining the Stellar detectors with Flash Spiral acquisition at 70 kV tube voltage offers three major advantages in pediatric imaging: extremely low radiation exposure with excellent image detail and without the need for potentially harmful sedation.

Reduced noise for easier bariatric/obese imaging

Dual Source is ideal for bariatric imaging due to the sufficient power reserves of two sources. In addition, the Stellar detector reduces virtually electronic noise, so that the signal-to-noise ratio is significantly improved. This allows much better X-ray quanta utilization, which is of particular benefit for bariatric or low-dose pediatric imaging.

Outstanding image detail for improved diagnostics

The Stellar detector delivers significantly increased detail and sharpness, especially at the edges of organs or in vessels, in low dose or low signal imaging. This offers outstanding visualization of the pancreatic duct and the aortic dissection – even in obese patients. The Stellar detector’s Edge Technology can also produce z-UHR-like high-resolution inner ear images from conventional head exams.