The Stellar detector

The Stellar detector

TrueSignal Technology for lower noise at lower dose
TrueSignal Technology minimizes electronic noise and cross-talk in the detector. The resulting higher signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) means that images are sharper and clearer despite a reduced dose. When the signal is lowered – either by high attenuations from obese or broad shouldered patients, or by reducing the applied mA – the impact of the Stellar detectors increases. This feature is especially beneficial for obese imaging and ultra low dose examinations, for example in pediatric imaging.

HiDynamics for excellent low-energy images

Thanks to full electronic integration, the Stellar detector now benefits from an extended dynamic range instead of having to switch bandwidth like conventional detectors. This unique feature is called HiDynamics. It increases the sensitivity of the detector for visualizing finer structures, especially for low kV datasets.

Thinner slices for higher spatial resolution

The Stellar detector generates ultra-thin slices – only 0.5 mm – with very high spatial resolution – up to 0.30 mm – resulting in an extremely high level of image detail. In addition, the Stellar detector provides a homogeneous slice profile with the same spatial resolution and SNR in the entire Field of View (FoV) – delivering consistently high image quality.