Marc Schipmann, M.Sc., Partner

Leadership fueled by passion for healthcare innovation

Soeren Eichhorst

Location: Berlin, Germany
Key strengths: digital innovation, strategic consulting, performance, and operations
Value Partner since: 2021
Personal interests: handball, tennis, and walking with his family and his dog

Born into a family of physicians, Marc Schipmann has always held a deep passion for healthcare. This passion led him to Siemens Healthineers, where he saw a chance to make a mark on the industry as a Value Partner. He understands the complex challenges of funding and building medium- and long-term digital transformation programs, which are especially important today as organizations strive to optimize processes in a sustainable way. As medical technology and information technology are virtually inseparable in today’s healthcare landscape, his team brings modern, innovative processes and a detailed knowledge of devices and software to bear for their clients.

Guidance for healthcare innovation

Marc joined Siemens Healthineers as a Value Partner in 2021, bringing 9 years of experience in healthcare consulting to the role. With a master’s degree in business administration and healthcare economics from the University of Duisburg/Essen, his goal has been to foster cultural and organizational changes that enable the best possible care.

Over the course of his career, Marc has worked with healthcare organizations to establish processes for continuous improvement. He worked closely with a hospital group client to implement a medical department structure across three sites. The hospital group was also able to reduce its annual deficit with help from the project management team. Using Lean Six Sigma practices, Marc collaborated with an emergency department to implement a process mining tool and helped reduce patient wait times by 50 percent. In 2016, he worked to build a new company structure for a large hospital group following a merger.

As a Value Partner with Siemens Healthineers, Marc enjoys participating in client workshops with an experienced team of colleagues to build strong, diverse, and innovative programs.

The marriage of operations and digital

His previous experience as a consultant convinced him that process optimization goes together with digital innovation in healthcare. So far, his team has focused on digital transformation and innovation. As Value Partners, Marc and the team from Siemens Healthineers serve as perfect companions to pioneer breakthroughs for healthcare providers.

Digital transformation as a roadmap

Digital transformation is crucial as healthcare organizations leverage technological advances to address the shortage of medical staff and reduce overall healthcare costs. As such, Marc strives to become a thought leader for digital transformation, to help his customers create more efficient operations and an improved patient journey. By offering customers complete solutions to adopt new programs and organizational processes, Siemens Healthineers can provide a roadmap for change.

Experience and methodology

Marc describes his “interdisciplinary, experienced, and growing” Value Partners team as an ideal complement to support healthcare providers’ internal teams. A practitioner student of many sports, including handball and tennis, he understands the value of experience and a methodical approach to building on-court success. Siemens Healthineers combines these attributes to benefit healthcare organizations and providers, as well as payers, and even other medtech companies.

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