Tim Technology
Deliver exceptional quality and speed in MRI. With Tim.

Tim Technology

The superiority of Tim 4G.

Tim 4G sets the next standard in MRI and proves it every day,
providing excellent 4G flexibility, 4G accuracy and 4G speed.

… and our customers confirm it.

“Siemens again succeeded in setting a new standard of imaging”
(in MSK imaging)

Professor C. Pfirrmann, MD
University of Balgrist, Zurich, Switzerland
Member of Advisory Board Orthopedic Diagnostics

"Our initial experience shows that the images are exceptional, and the handling of the system and the patient will make MRI diagnostics much more efficient in the future. Thus, this opens the horizon for further integration of cutting-edge scientific developments into clinical routine”

Professor Stefan Schönberg, MD
University Medical Center Mannheim, Germany
About MAGNETOM Skyra

"The Skyra is going to change the game again. … because of the way they’ve redesigned the magnet itself, the RF system, the coil technology. All of that combined has allowed us to increase our throughput, and improve, while increasing our throughput, our image quality”.

Bob Day
Chief Technical Officer
Zwanger-Pesiri Radiology, USA



Tim has proven its benefits:

“Although Tim stands for Total imaging matrix, after experiencing the MAGNETOM Symphony with Tim myself I have decided that Tim stands for Total improvement.”

Dr. Johan Dehem
VZW Jan Yperman, Belgium

“…after the Tim Upgrade we reduced scan times from 30 minutes to 20 minutes....”

Dr. Heraldo Mello Neto
X-Leme Clinic, Brazil

“Now with Tim, I can change coils with a mouse-click.”

Lawrence Wald
Director of NMR Core Facility,
Massachusetts General Hospital, USA

“Tim is one of the most significant developments in MRI in the past ten years.”

Edmon A. Knopp
New York University Langone Medical Center, New York, USA

“With the Tim Upgrade for my MAGNETOM Symphony the image quality was increasing significantly. The results of the upgrade were exceeding our expectations.”

Dr. Franz Fellner
AKH Linz, Austria

“20% more patient throughput with Tim.”

Prof. Dr. Volkher Engelbrecht
St. Marien Hospital Amberg, Germany

“Tim technology is revolutionary! It has been instrumental and indispensible in jumpstarting MR Whole Body Imaging. This imaging strategy has matured and has a great potential to turn into a very significant examination in the near future.”

Dr. Gladys Lo
Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital, Hong Kong, China