Siemens Healthineers Named “2017 Global MRI Company of the Year”Frost & Sullivan award recognizes excellence in growth, innovation, and leadership.

Frost & Sullivan

From the report: The roadmap and track record that Siemens Healthineers have been advancing over the last decades in MRI is truly impressive—from integrated coil technology to the first 70-cm 1.5T and 3T systems. Notably, several years ago, Siemens Healthineers made the forward-thinking investment into a brand new development platform for its MRI solutions. The company now is capitalizing on this investment by developing and bringing to market new cutting-edge applications at a rapid pace. This is allowing Siemens Healthineers not only to consolidate its leading position in high-end innovation in MRI but, more importantly, to help its customers thrive under increasing pressure on imaging service lines.

With its strong leadership and innovation drives, Siemens Healthineers is the deserving recipient of Frost & Sullivan’s 2017 Company of the Year award in the global Magnetic Resonance Imaging market.

“As provider consolidation continues, this stresses the need to optimize and standardize the diverse fleet of multi-site organizations around high-quality MR imaging. Siemens Healthineers is helping imaging enterprises thrive in a changing environment, and under increasing pressure on imaging service lines.”

Nadim Daher, Industry Principal, Medical Imaging and Imaging Informatics, Transformational Health, Frost & Sullivan

Significance of Company of the Year: To win the Company of the Year Award (i.e., to be recognized as a leader not only in the industry, but among non-industry peers as well) requires a company to demonstrate excellence in growth, innovation, and leadership. This kind of excellence typically translates into superior performance in three key areas: demand generation, brand development, and competitive positioning. These areas serve as the foundation of a company’s future success and prepare it to deliver on the two criteria that define the Company of the Year Award: Visionary Innovation & Performance and Customer Impact.