Get further. With True Dual Energy.
DEfinitely Siemens Healthineers

Get further. With True Dual Energy.

More and more radiologists are relying on the rich diagnostic possibilities offered by True Dual Energy imaging on Siemens Healthineers' CT scanner fleet ranging from SOMATOM® Scope Power up to the outstanding SOMATOM Force.

The question is: What makes True Dual Energy stand out? Look for these three criteria: crisp images with the option for even sharper contrast and significant artifact reduction; no extra dose in either Single Source or Dual Source Dual Energy scans, and a broad applicability for virtually all clinical questions and patients.

So if you want to highlight, characterize, quantify, and differentiate material, don’t settle for less. True Dual Energy offers you leading technology from the company that pioneered it – and that’s DEfinitely Siemens.


Dual Energy spectral imaging guide

We understand that you want better clinical answers, more confident decisions, and most importantly, early diagnoses. You want a CT solution that gets it right the first time, is easy to use, and is able to serve your entire patient population.

Discover Dual Energy (DE) spectral imaging. It’s the difference between images and answers. Visualization and characterization. Qualification and quantification. Built into all of our CT scanners, it delivers powerful performance, incredible versatility for your entire patient population, and exceptional ease-of-use – all while integrating seamlessly with your current workflow.

And that is a world of difference.

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