Medical Electronics: Examples of Customized Solutions

Our main application fields fit to your requirements

Control Solutions for CT scanners
Embedded PC platform paired with FPGA technology to cover customer needs and guarantee flexibility

  • Fanless COMexpress and Cfast-SSD technology
  • Wide range of control interfaces
  • High speed control interface via optical fiber (1,25 Gbit)
  • Galvanic isolated interfaces up to 3 kV AC
  • Field-updatable concept for software and FPGA


Image chain for mobile C-arms
Embedded platform for the correction of flat panel images and the image transfer to the processing PC

  • Embedded flat panel detector control
  • FPGA-based image correction of flat panel raw images
  • Wired serial high-speed data transmission with 2 GBd with ECC
  • Real-time OS for flat panel detector control and monitoring
  • PCIe card for DMA-image transfer to the PC main memory
  • Integrated Windows7 driver to control configuration and image transmissions

Physio data processing with multi-touch HMI
If every heartbeat matters, you need to rely on the most reliable detection algorithms available. Natural gestures on a multi-touch HMI display provide new ways of examining data.

  • Advanced algorithms for ECG feature detection and noise reduction
  • ECG and respiration with only two electrodes
  • Tablet-like high-resolution graphical user interface
  • Examination of ECG data by intuitive multi-touch gestures
  • Software based on state of the art Linux operating system